Gary Chick and Sue Waldron of the Plymouth Child Support Agency Business Unit

Gary Chick of Plymouth was a member of the Plymouth Child Support Agency Business Unit, during his time there he abused his powers and committed fraud against a veteran who was made homeless as a result of Gary Chick's wrongdoing. Gary Chick's actions against this veteran were totally unlawful and illegal. Gary Chick misconducted himself in a public office but all of this fraud and misconduct/malfeasance was covered up by the Child Support Agency Complaints Review Team and labelled as errors and maladministration. The Child Support Agency investigating themselves is just like the Russians investigating the Salisbury poisonings. The complaints system for the CSA/CMS is highly biased and broken and gives no proper redress or remedy when the CSA/CMS has been caught acting illegally for more on this subject see this article The broken and biased CSA/CMS complaints system Gary Chick of Plymouth Child Support Agency business unit It would seem whilst Gary was employed by the Chi