Gary Chick and Sue Waldron of the Plymouth Child Support Agency Business Unit

Gary Chick of Plymouth was a member of the Plymouth Child Support Agency Business Unit, during his time there he abused his powers and committed fraud against a veteran who was made homeless as a result of Gary Chick's wrongdoing. Gary Chick's actions against this veteran were totally unlawful and illegal. Gary Chick misconducted himself in a public office but all of this fraud and misconduct/malfeasance was covered up by the Child Support Agency Complaints Review Team and labelled as errors and maladministration. The Child Support Agency investigating themselves is just like the Russians investigating the Salisbury poisonings. The complaints system for the CSA/CMS is highly biased and broken and gives no proper redress or remedy when the CSA/CMS has been caught acting illegally for more on this subject see this article The broken and biased CSA/CMS complaints system

Gary Chick of Plymouth Child Support Agency business unit

It would seem whilst Gary was employed by the Child Support Agency he believed himself to be above the law and unaccountable for his abuses of power and illegal actions against members of the public serving members of our armed forces, blue light services veterans and others who serve the country. 

I have personal experiences of Gary Chick's wrongdoing which caused me a lot of loss harm and damages, and I have been left in a very vulnerable and disadvantaged position, but the Government are not interested in this. The only way that I can get proper compensation and damages are to take the Child Support Agency/DWP into Court, however, herein lies the problem, the Government and the Child Support Agency now after a rebranding exercise the Child Maintenance Service - same pig but with lipstick - same old nasty abusive brainwashed staff and same old biased mentality. Oh sorry I digressed the Government and CSA/CMS have seemed to have hindered and blocked access to representation and justice. There is no law firm which will take the CSA/CMS into Court for causing harm and damages by acting illegal and ultra vires. It is our constitutional right to access to justice.


Sue Waldron Child Support Agency Enforcemet Team


Apparently, Sue Waldron likes to bake cakes, drink and Kareoke at her friends bar.  I wonder if Sue's family and friends are actually were aware of the serious wrongdoing she has got up to and the harm their beloved Sue has caused during her time with the Child Support Agency, how many children are now without their fathers because of her abuses of power and malicious actions? 

Of course these words I speak can be backed up with factual and material evidence, however, the problem is we have Members of Parliament who are somehow making money/have a financial interest in the Child Support Agency/Child Maintenence Service hence their refusal to take action and investigate the hundreds of thousands if not millions of complaints about the fraud and financial misconduct/financial abuse of the CSA/CMS. The suicides the CSA/CMS has caused over their nearly 30 years reign of terror is breath taking yet Parliament go beserk over one suicide on the Jeremy Kyle Show. If the Government will not hold these people to account for their fraud and misconduct then we the aggrieved have every right to hold these people to account for their wrongdoing and malicious actions. 

Interesting article by the Times making Sue Waldron out to be a super hero, 23rd March 2009
by Helen Rumbelow

Father's Day has come early: everywhere you look in the corridors of this
glassy new court building are dads. There are sad dads, staring out of the
vast windows, angry dads agitating the others with their stories, dads
clutching plastic bags full of documents, dads who look tired and
bewildered. This last group of men had been woken at 5am by bailiffs and
dragged to court in a caged van.

What they have in common is Sue Waldron, principal legal enforcement officer
for the Child Support Agency, who surveys them from a distance at this south
coast magistrates' court. Each is accused of failing to provide for his
children. Each has evaded her team's more gentle attempts to get them to pay
up. Now she is getting tough. "Yes, you have to be dogged. This job is not
for quitters. I think you have to keep remembering the childen, and the
difference the money can make to them."

A swarthy man with greased-back hair and a defiant air is the first before
the three magistrates. A pair of massively muscled bailiffs in bulletproof
vests banged on his door before dawn.

Ms Waldron watches as the CSA officer outlines the case: the man is a window
cleaner, estranged from his wife, who visits his two children every week.
Yet he last paid money towards their upkeep in 2005, and that was because of
bailiffs. He was given a suspended sentence of 28 days but still did not
pay. He failed to answer a summons three years ago. A warrant was issued for
his arrest. He now owes £3,000. The magistrate asks why. "I admit I've
buried my head in the sand," he says.

After about ten minutes of inquiry into his circumstances, the magistrates
retire. Ms Waldron thinks that he might be in trouble: they asked about his
new car, and it was a nice make. But the man looks relieved and checks his
watch, wondering how he can recover the morning. Minutes later the
magistrates return. "You are going to prison for 23 days," he is told.
Almost instantly three police officers surround the man, who holds his hands
out for handcuffing in a daze. He vanishes into a side door.

Does Ms Waldron ever feel sorry for them? "A bit. I feel sorry for the
situation. I wish it hadn't come to this."

This is what is called "the end of the enforcement road". When what is
called in the jargon, a "non-resident parent" (NRP) refuses to pay, Ms
Waldron will begin her work, which is something like a mix of private
investigator, debt collector, and divorce counsellor.

A determined evader will avoid phone calls, move house, even repeatedly
change jobs to stop the CSA collecting through his wages, known in the trade
as "job-hoppers".

"One chap used the tsunami as a really good reason to disappear. He got his
new partner to say he had died," Ms Waldron said.

Then the CSA will get what is known as a liability order from the court -
one hundred of these are processed over the course of this day. About 25 men
turn up to dispute them, most claiming that they are not the father. "What,
is this DNA day?" a court official said after the third man asked for a DNA

Once the order is in place, possible penalties include loss of driving
licence or even the house. Despite this, an activist minority of men are
determined to become CSA martyrs.

"In the early days these people were folk heroes," Ms Waldron said. "Now I
think the tide has changed. The average guy down the pub is a taxpayer. He
knows it's him paying for his mate's kids if he doesn't."

Has she ever felt threatened, for example by an angry man in a superhero
outfit? "If I felt uncomfortable in the job, I'd be in the wrong job." But
it is sometimes hard for her not to get emotionally involved as she deals
with some of the messiest of relationship breakdowns. The children "get
stuck in the middle" and she witnesses how their "life has been so hard
without the money".

"Then one NRP said, `It's the same money as my Sky subscription, and I know
which one I'd rather pay.' "

Since Ms Waldron joined the CSA at its inception in 1993, she has herself
had a child and got divorced. "I didn't ask for any maintenance." Isn't that
odd, given her job? "I thought my son would be the one to lose if I was to
pursue maintenance. As I could support us, I did."

The court cases continue, each man with a different answer to the same
question: "Where is the money?" It ranges from "I've been conned out of
£23,000 by her", to "my life is a mess".

Each man has a meeting with someone from the CSA, just before they go into
court, to try to resolve the issues. Late in the afternoon Ms Waldron takes
one fifty-something man to a side room. He has three children with a wife
from whom he is now divorced. Before her, he had two children, whom he
barely knows, with two other women. He has been unable to pay his bill of
more than £3,000 for those two daughters because he is long-term unemployed.
His voice breaks with strain.

"That CSA lady I rang in Plymouth, she's a nasty piece of work," he says. "I
offered to pay minimum, she slammed the phone down on me, set the bailiffs
on me." Ms Waldron calms him: "I'm not interested in seeing you out on the
streets, or without your telly or whatever. If you can offer £5 a week I'll
take it. Something is better than nothing, until your income goes up." He
looks astonished. "It is amazing to speak to someone with some sense. This
could have been done months ago, little bit at a time, then get it sorted."

As he relaxes, he talks about how he has never known the two daughters he
supports: "I met one baby the day after she came out of hospital, never
again." The other: "I didn't even know about until she had nearly left

He says: "I know the anguish divorce causes the children. My kids from my
marriage hate me through what the mother's told them. I had my son come down
three years ago to stay. I've not heard from him since. That's life."

By this stage the man is in tears. Ms Waldron says gently: "It is. We have
all got our stories."

To the rescue

Name Sue Waldron, principal legal enforcement manager for the Child Support

Age 52

Best bit of job "When you ring and say, `We've got the money', sometimes
they are beside themselves. They ring back ten minutes later and say, `Did
you really say that?' "


As usual, a very biased article making out that all NRP's try to evade paying child maintenance, the article fails to mention the issue of fictitious arrears. There are thousands of NRP's who have been given fictitious arrears and the CSA has wrongfully put men in prison, interfered in private arrangements and pursued fraudulent child support claims. 

This is nothing new, the CSA have been chasing false claims for many years see this Early Day Motion EDM460A1

 I have had experiences with Sue Waldron and yes just like in the article she is a nasty piece of work, a very malicious nasty piece of work at that. I wonder how many people have taken their own lives because of her abuses of power and wrongful enforcement forcing people to pay thousands of pounds when it is not owed? I myself was very close to taking my own life because of the wrongful actions taken against me, they later admitted they should not have used enforcement against me and wrote off £4,500 of fictitious arrears which more would have been more had I have caught them earlier.

The CSA/CMS employ some very nasty people their wrongdoing is their toxic culture. See this article about the head of their Fraud Investigation Unit FIU Barry Porter - Spotlight on Barry Porter, Head of the CMS FIU. The Child Maintenance Service has had this article removed from the Voice of the Child website, I wonder why? 

The CSA/CMS has a habit of having bad press removed from the internet such as the articles about Claire Jones and Michelle Cotter both from the Plymouth business unit. 



Child support Agency worker embezzled £150,000 - Audrey Foy,  50, who worked for the Child Support Agency in Kirkcaldy, transferred vast sums of taxpayers' cash to her own bank account in a "systematic" fraud over 21 months. Read the story here

As you can see this also happened in the Plymouth business unit with Clair Jones

 The Child Support Agency most certainly has a very disturbing past with their false accounting and financial misconduct, in 2011 and 2012 he Auditor General refused to sign off the accounts of the Child maintenance and enforcement commission.
There was errors caused by "inaccurate maintenance assessments by caseworkers and incorrect processing of cases with arrears".